Brass Saturday.

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When I first started DJing at KTRU again, there was this album in the new bin that always caught my eye, and why wouldn’t it?

I am shocked by how much I’m into this album.  I want to try to make my first hip-hop out of the first track at some point.  Also: math!

Remember how, in this blog’s first post, I geeked out on drumlines and said how I’ve always wanted to start a punk rock marching band?  Well, I think that what I meant was brass band.  I’ve spent a couple of hours this afternoon digging through shit on Emusic.  Of course, I should probably get ahold of some Dirty Dozen or Rebirth, and I probably will at some point.  But right this uninformed second, here’s what I think I’m going to end up with: Continue reading ‘Brass Saturday.’


What does it all mean?

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That is Steve Stein, aka Steinski. It’s an old picture, maybe from when he first started making music, I don’t know.  I found out about him a couple of weeks ago on Emusic via this retrospective.  I posted a much smaller thing about him at Metafilter.  However, I am still freaking out about how awesome his music is and how crazy his story is, so I’m going to post more stuff (including more music) here. Continue reading ‘What does it all mean?’

Asa Chang and Junray

•November 16, 2008 • 2 Comments

I first encountered Asa Chang on tour with Jana and John and Dan.  We had stopped by Revolver just to say hello and they gave us a bunch of CDs they had lying around for van listening.  I don’t remember what any of the others were.  And certainly none of us had heard of Asa Chang & Junray.

The first time we threw Tsu Gi Ne Pu on at random, Jana and I were both like woah.  I think that Jana pulled rank and claimed the CD for herself, although maybe I ended up with it.  If so, I have since probably lost it.  Oopsy.

In any case, besides just being awesome and weird, this “mini-album” and I shared a special moment.  Continue reading ‘Asa Chang and Junray’

I hate this Paris.

•November 15, 2008 • 2 Comments

Today/tonight could be fun if you live in Houston.  Here are my aspirations:

  • Woozyhelmet CD release at Artstorm…woah, Artstorm’s been around for over a year! Woah, Philip Durbin’s show is closing today!  I am definitely going to this.
  • The Thing which I want to go to even though I don’t like jazz because 1. I like Nameless Sound and 2. I want to try to see more non-rock stuff.
  • Noise and Smoke.

The sweet part is that all of this should be free for me due to my dumb/awesome day job.


  • Danielson‘s playing here on Wednesday.  Huh, it looks like Kork is no more and that Erik Carter and Jonathan Frye are doing it on their own.  You go, girl.
  • I mostly let the whole “lots of bands skip Houston” thing slip past me because I don’t go to as many shows as I used to, but c’mon, Marnie Stern: you’ve got a day off before your Austin show and TWO DAYS OFF after it.  Everyone knows her new record is fucking great, right?  Marnie.  I know you’re only doing this once, but if you come play Houston I will find a way to scrape up $100, medical bills be damned.  Let’s see if we can work something out.

Oh wow, check out this awesome new video for my favorite song off of Marnie Stern’s new album.  Sorry, can’t embed.

These maniacs, these complete creeps.

•November 14, 2008 • 1 Comment

A few quick things while I’m working on my first longish post.  I’m using writing muscles I haven’t used in forever, so it’s taking some time.

  • I’m reading The Rest is Noise (see above) and it’s good so far, even if you don’t know shit about Schoenberg or Mahler or Wagner or whoever, like I don’t.  There’s also a sweet companion website with excerpts of some of the works discussed in the book, although I have yet to listen to any of them.  My plan is to use this book as a guide to stuff I should download on Emusic in order to get a better grasp on 20th century classical music.

I stumbled across a couple of interesting podcasts this week:

  • The Tone Generation is about “the development of electronic music across the world in the classic era of analogue technology.”  I’ve only listened to the first episode so far and it was about British people making creepy clangy music that’s not much fun to listen to.  I find the subject interesting enough to give it a few more shots, though. Odeo, iTunes.
  • Solid Steel was a radio show that the Coldcut guys started back in 1988.  I haven’t started downloading anything yet, but it looks like a lot of the podcast is made up of “best-of” archived stuff, and the “best-of” these guys in that era is probably pretty fucking tight.  Odeo, iTunes.

All together now.

•November 11, 2008 • 1 Comment

In high school I was a band fag.  Percussion.  Which was great because our football team blew and our band was great and commanded most of the rah-rah energy around.  I was really fucking good, too.  Then the fascists kicked me out.  Apparently it was minorly scandalous but I don’t really remember.  In any case, I will probably always have a boner for drumlines and drum and bugle corps and shit like that.  For instance, this:

Gets me every time.  What can I say.

Also, after listening to this album really loud in the car today I realized that despite having heard a healthy amount of Balinese gamelan stuff (mostly at KTRU) I had never actually seen it performed.  TOTAL INTENSITY:

Houston has a gamelan orchestra but my friend Elissa has barred me from joining it.  I have no idea why, but I’m sure she knows best.

So after happening across that Top Secret Drum Corps footage at the top, I remembered that I had wanted at one point to start a punk rock marching band, which I assume would be a small collection of people who halfway remember how to play their high school band instruments figuring out arrangements of “Oh Bondage Up Yours” and making up dumb marches, which sounds great to me.  Googling “punk rock marching band” doesn’t bring up as much as one would expect, but it did lead me to Mucca Pazza.  Check this shit out, fun starts at about 1:27:

Like that, only angry and with fire!

So I thought that that looked like fun, or at least like more fun than whatever you’re doing tonight, so I checked their tour dates and WOULD NOT YOU KNOW IT: they were here less than a month ago!  I heard nothing of this!  And where the fuck else would they play?

Photo from Breakfast on Tour.

Please note that Benjamin Wesley played, too, and I’ve been meaning to catch him.  WHY WAS I NOT ALERTED?